Cárdenas (Liga Cubana 1889)

Eduardo Elgarresta
Oscar Mihoura

Andrés Aristí
Francisco Beath
Enrique Durán
Carlos Maciá
Lino Fernández
Oscar Hevia
Benjamin Horscheck
Arturo López
Guillermo Menocal
Ramón Pagés
Francisco Petit
Leopoldo Posada
Esteban Prats
Santiago Valdés
Ramón Vidal

Juan Francisco Prieto

Rosters de Cárdenas
1893-94 | 1889-90 | 1888-89 |
Rosters de Cárdenas

2 Responses to Cárdenas (Liga Cubana 1889)

  1. Betty Holman says:

    Eduardo Elgarresta is my great great grandfather. If there are any pictures…information…, please share!

    Betty Holman

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